Open Positions
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Ironworker Ironworker 6/4/20196/24/2019
Associate Steel Inspector Associate Steel Inspector 3/16/2018Until Filled
Senior Systems Administrator Senior Systems Administrator 11/14/2018Until Filled
Bus Operator Bus Operator 12/5/2018Until Filled
Associate Engineering Inspectr Associate Engineering Inspectr 3/29/2018Until Filled
Mechanic Bus - Day Mechanic Bus - Day 3/7/2018Until Filled
Senior Civil Engineer Senior Civil Engineer 5/29/2018Until Filled
Bus Mechanic Apprentice Bus Mechanic Apprentice 6/11/20196/25/2019
Public Affairs Specialist Public Affairs Specialist 2/13/2019Until Filled
Director, Human Resources Director, Human Resources 1/24/2019Until Filled
Dispatcher II Trainee Dispatcher II Trainee 6/12/20196/19/2019
Laneworker 16 Hours -part-time Laneworker 16 Hours -part-time 6/6/20196/27/2019
Schedules Analyst Schedules Analyst 4/11/2019Until Filled